Marble is metamorphic rock, naturally patterned and coloured. Due to high temperature in the earth’s crust it recrystallised from limestone or dolomite, often with different impurities, providing a unique and highly appreciated appearance. Such impurities as iron oxide, sand, clay give marble a distinctive look and allows to distinguish many species. Stone colour varies from white to a rich palette of black, brown, bright red or blue and green shades. Unique patterns highlight it as decorative stone and let use it in various styles for building’s exterior and interior. Attractive appearance and durability determined the popularity of marble – one of the most optional natural stones in interior decoration.

Various colours and shades, different patterns, longevity and flawless appearance – that’s marble’s advantages, which attracts so much. Natural stone is always fashionable – that’s classic, which is always associated with luxury. In nobles castles interior stone was used for various functions. Today marble complements both classic and modern interiors. Natural created patterns give comfortableness to the house, emphasise the interior details and talk about good taste.

Marble and its products are widely used in both – interior and exterior. This has resulted in excellent aesthetic properties and durability, which ensures the enduring popularity of marble. Durable, rugged to fire and erosion marble surfaces are very practical choice for many applications: fireplaces, kitchen or bathroom worktops, window sills, stairs and finding solutions to enliven the interior. Marble is also used to produce multi-purpose tabletops. Its decorative and shiny surface is very suitable for it. Marble is strong and durable material, but relatively is soft. This facilitates the processing and gives more creative freedom. Although marble not resistant to moisture, which can deform it or fade previous colours. Properly impregnated stone is reliable and can be used as strong and durable material. Easy maintenance, solid appearance and naturalness is a compromise, passed from generation to generation.

Marble usage for public and commercial buildings, confirms its practicality. Easily cleaned and maintained, preserving perfect look for a long time and dictating whole interior fashion, it is often used in restaurants and hotels installations all around the world. This choice is determined by the stone durability and great look. Traditionally marble’s interior shows good taste for luxury. The variety and extensive customisation provides unlimited opportunities. Decorative stone can be used polished or natural. Stone processing techniques allow us to use of a wide range of applications, to obtain smooth or rough textures, connected to the mosaics to get a unique look.

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