Onyx is considered a semi-precious stone, and has a very different colour and internal structure revealing patterns. It’s colour gamut has a wide palette  of changing layers as makes this decorative stone unique. Highly decorative stone has variations of colours and patterns, with intermittent colours from white to deep purple, including yellow, green and red shades.

Impressive and quietly rare onyx is liked due to unique attribute – permeablance to light. This attribute was known and people appreciated from old times. Other decorative stones are not preamble to light. Onyx traditionally used for interior – kitchen and bathroom worktops, windows sills, stairs, floor and etc.

The combination of lighting solutions, elements often go to the main attraction. It looks impressive variety of railings, decorative elements, which combines its layers and light play. Furniture and a variety of surfaces are made from this stone. Onyx is durable and stable. Surfaces from this stone are easy and simple to handle. However, it is a relatively soft material and must be more accurately handled than other ornamental stones. It is necessary to protect these surfaces from mechanical infringements.

Onyx is not temperature resistive and therefore is usable only inside. It’s also one of the magnificent stones we meet in the interior. That’s why choosing it you will not make a mistake. It is also said, that onyx has a health enhancing properties. For shooting effect it is often used in luxury apartments, SPA centres, bathrooms. Proper selection of colours can remind amber, which is inseparable from the rest and relaxation procedures. However onyx, because of its cost and bright patterns and accents, commonly not used for the entire surface, but only for accent, highlighting some details.

Different colour variations and mixing together, allows it to combine any interior. This natural stone provides warmth and comfort impression. The most valued onyx is white and black colour layer variations. More than any other natural stone, onyx is associated with luxury, naturalness and classical choice. In fact this stone is not only used in construction, but also in jewellery and art production.

Resplendenting luxuryti onyx creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. This is a very beautiful and popular stone, which, as stated, further characterised for best properties: enhances wisdom, attracts success. You can believe it or not, but the fact that it combines luxury and exclusive interior is an undeniable truth.