Granit – hårt kristallint berg, klassificerat till magmatisk påträngande berggrupp. Styrka och seghet är mycket värderade egenskaper, vilket ledde till dess popularitet. I interiören är den dekorativa stenen också väl regraderad på grund av dess breda färgskala och utmärkta utseendeegenskaper. Den styva magma bildade sten varierade strukturer och kiseldioxidföroreningar, bestämmer den slutliga färgen. Naturligt förekommande granit räknade mer än hundra nyanser, så du hittar förmodligen din favorit typ.

Different processing techniques provide more choices of granite. Grinding and polishing highlights the rock texture, revealing the structure. Different processing techniques allow to give the appearance of an old stone, and use of naturally faceted, the broken stone, connected to the mosaics. Usability diversity and wide gamut of shades and patterns, turns the stone into unfading popularity brand. This is one of the most popular natural stone, used for decoration. Granite is durable and functionally can be used for a various purposes: kitchen or bathroom worktops, facade decorations, for walls and floor.

Highly resistant to environmental effects, temperature, abrasion and moisture granite is used as a building material. From negative effects of water and moisture granite is protected by special impregnants, so as to ensure the decorative stone durability and practicality. Brushed granite is often used for floor and wall coverings for various purposes, and in the interior areas. Stone processing methods allows its versatile use, and therefore granite and its products are used for the installations in gardens, courtyards, outdoor recreation areas.

Decorative appearance allows to use it as an accent in different interior style: fireplaces decoreted with stone elements, stairs, window sills. It is a very practical choice for the bathroom. Granite resistance to food acids and easy to clean makes it often chosen for kitchen installations. Granite countertop not only looks great, but also is long life, retaining its original look. Stone gives finesse and luxury to any interior. Depending on the shade, it combines different styles of interiors, complements them and gives comfort. Stunning natural look granite surfaces has been long used to combine internal beauty and practical functions.

Natural stone use in the interior is unaffected by time or fashion. This is a classic, chosen by many generations, reflecting the good taste of the house holder and creating value for the interior. Durable stone not only gives the impression of luxury – it quality, that gives additional value to any house. Wide gamut of colours and patterns makes granite suited to any interior. One of the most popular stones used for decoration – granite is also used for monument production. It’s a little spoils the image, because that is why sometimes it is overlooked. However, it blends well with other finishing materials and is suitable for various interiors of both – the individual as well as the industrial area.

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