Silestone – a unique quartz stone, known and appreciated for its unique features. In particular, this quartzite reflects interaction of nature and modern technologies. Its result – aesthetic qualities equal to natural stone  but extremely resistant and smooth surface quartz stone. This expands the stone decoration usage and allows you to create a functional interior.

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A special anti-bacterial surface coated quartzite ”Silestone” suitable for use in a variety of decorative elements: window sills, tabletops, kitchen worktops and islands, stairs, floors and walls for individual houses as well as public buildings. Antibacterial coating prevents the accumulation of bacteria and are easy to clean and care. Even more, it is very long-term protection against environmental influences. Due to these properties, Silestone is a very practical choice in commercial premises as a restaurant or hotel kitchen, spa, health-care facilities. These features also are useful in private houses, whose owners are looking for a natural stone appearance and same way wants to resistance and durability.

Quartz stone Silestone is one of the most popular in the world. Many interior designers are choosing it as a material that enables a compromise between appearance and practicality. Using Silestone in the interior, you get everything that provides natural stone, and even greater resistance.

Silestone’s surfaces basically are suitable for a number of applications. As well as natural stone  these panels can have glossy or polished surface to create the impression of natural stone. Ability to select different plate thickness is also very practical. This is particularly useful in any case, where you want to design a multifunctional, non-traditional fireplaces, window sills or any worktops.

A wide colour gamut allows Silestone to be used with diverse style interior and its extremely high resistance allows to override the limits, that normally should be followed when selecting a natural stone. Quartz stone can depict marble’s, granite’s and other natural stone’s patterns and shades. It like improved natural stone, which will never change appearance or fade out over time.

Quartz stone Silestone is resistant to moisture and scratches, what makes it ideal for use in both – kitchen and bathroom installations. In our days quartz stone is extremely practical, because of resistance to water and its antibacterial properties. These properties help to avoid problems, such as mold, staphylococcus and other bacteria. Easy care and comprehensive hygiene is a useful feature in house installations to protect against a variety of allergic diseases caused by the accumulation of bacteria.

Silestone is not only used for decoration details, but also to create a variety of decor elements. For example to produce sinks, sculptures, ornaments etc. A wide range colour gamut varies from the calm natural colours to bright shades, so anyone looking for an idea of interior decoration with stone, definitely will find his favourite.

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