Technistone - perfect choice looking for innovations!

Technistone is an artificial stone that looks natural and has gained worldwide recognition. The surface of this stone is extremely compact, hard and has no pores that will attract dust and dirt. This feature is often the only downside when choosing natural stone finishes. Composed of inorganic materials, Technistone outperforms the natural stone surface by its practicality. Artificial stone in the finish gives a feeling of coziness, luxury and durability that characterizes the appearance of natural stone. The wide range of colors allows you to combine this stone with a variety of interiors.

The Technistone artificial stone, with its excellent appearance, contains at least 93 percent. natural ingredients that give it a natural stone-like look. This stone is made of quartz sand, mirror combs, crushed granite, decorative accessories, high quality polyester resin blend. Such a surface is easy to polish for a very decorative look, a good light reflection and a long-lasting appearance. At the same time, artificial quartz surfaces retain heat, moisture and aesthetic qualities. During the manufacturing process, various pigments are used to give the artificial stone natural, nature-based patterns.

With its excellent aesthetic and practical qualities, Technistone is the best compromise between natural appearance and durability (environmental resistance). This stone is used to make kitchen worktops, bath worktops and other surfaces that are exposed to adverse environmental conditions or may be exposed to mechanical stress. Even in such places, Technistone retains aesthetic qualities, looks decorative and elegant. This surface is easy to maintain, and interior designers find artificial stone as a finishing touch to the natural color of natural stone, creating an impression of luxury.

Technistone artificial quartz is ideal for indoor use. It is widely used for the installation of spas, swimming pools, restaurant kitchens and hotels. Higher than natural stone’s resistance to mechanical damage when installing such premises is an extremely important selection criterion.

In addition to all its benefits, Technistone has a natural stone surface that extends beyond a wider range of shades and patterns. The pigments used in the manufacturing process allow the production of colors which are not found naturally in nature.

Artificial quartz is a favorable choice in terms of price and quality, and is therefore increasingly preferred by both homemakers and commercial-public facility managers. Unlimited usability makes this finish a universal choice and meets the criteria of high quality, durable and time resistant material. Innovative high-quality product Technistone can be widely and original adaptable, allowing you to realize unique ideas in any interior.

If you are looking for a durable and practical solution that gives your interior a natural feel, don’t hesitate to Technistone. Artificial quartz combining the best qualities of natural stone with technological advancements is your best bet.

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