Laminam ceramic panels are thin and lightweight, making them extremely user-friendly and in demand. Large-format panels are easy to apply across premises and are a great alternative to natural stone. It is a decorative-looking coating suitable for both walls and floors. Laminamic ceramic tiles can look very natural and resemble natural stone, true to nature, but at the same time they are used as easily as ceramic tiles. It is true that the appearance of Laminam ceramic tiles is far superior to the tiles – the large format allows you to create unique flooring patterns, giving the room a sense of space.

Laminam XL 12+ (3240x1620x12) mm



Tinta unita

Legno Venecia


Laminam L (3000x1000 x 3 , 3+ , 5 , 7 , 5+3) mm







Laminam ceramic panels are lighter, which is useful when planning the installation of various surfaces. The slabs are made of quartz sand, crushed granite and clay, ceramic pigments. This mixture is specially machined, which makes the panels extremely resistant. Chemically, laminated panels can only be damaged by hydrofluoric acid – no reaction with other materials, so the panel surface can be used for a variety of applications. This is a practical choice for areas with high moisture content and scratches. Durable and durable panels are ideal for bathroom or kitchen worktops, and can be used in the cooking area and in commercial, public areas. The surface is easy to clean, does not attract or accumulate dust and bacteria.

These panels can be a great alternative when natural stone can be altered by environmental influences. Non-flammable and temperature resistant Laminam panels work well and reliably serve in outdoor environments, for terraces, outdoor kitchens, facade steps, and can also be used for bath, spa and fireplace flooring.

The panels retain their shade over time, even when exposed to higher levels of sunlight or humidity in different locations. The UV resistance feature ensures that the color remains the same without fading.

The properties of Laminam panels allow them to be used extensively and adapted to the interior of a wide range of applications. Lightweight panels are suitable for open facades that give a solid look without the need for complex structures. Easy to clean and resistant to damage, the surface is suitable for public buildings. Laminam panels, due to the photosynthesis process on their surface, repel dirt, self-clean, and therefore easy to maintain.

High bending resistance and relatively low weight allow the Laminam panels to be optimally applied to the interior. If technical or natural stone can only be used to make countertops, these panels are much more versatile. In kitchens, bathrooms, stairwells, they are often used as partitions to decorate cabinet doors, room doors or other elements.

Because of their unique composition, Laminam panels are completely safe to use in the home environment and can be used as a cooking surface. It is an organic product made from natural ingredients that can be recycled. The perfect solution for those looking for a compromise between comfort and naturalness!

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